SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of optimising your website to appear high in search engine results. There are over 200 criteria which Google uses to rank websites, so it's usually a process of ticking all the boxes. Unfortunately, no-one knows exactly what those boxes are.

To learn how we can help get your website higher in Google, contact us today to get a quote, you'll be surprised at just how cost-effective our SEO services are.

Many of the search engine optimisations we make to our clients websites are quite obvious once you see them in action, but need to be implemented slowly, and methodically.

We never rush in and make a hundred SEO changes at once, because we would then never know which changes gave which results.

SEO Terms

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing
  • SERPs - Search Engine Result Pages

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing is pretty much just another name for SEO, but may start to include more processes, such as PPC (Pay-per-Click) campaigns, where-by you pay Google to displayan ad for your website in the search results.

For cost effective PPC campaigns, you should also make sure you have good SEO, since this actually reduces the price you have to pay for your advert to display.

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